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The Deák Palace office building is prominently located in the heart of Budapest’s CBD, in the middle of Fashion Street, a pedestrianised street behind Hotel Kempinski and The Ritz Carlton Hotel. The uniqueness of the building lies in its high quality finishes, its grandiose, yet integral architectural design and its unrivalled central location. The reconstruction of the prime category office building took place in 2003 based on the plans made by the Dutch architect Erick Van Egeraat. Deák Palota offers a total of 4500 sq m lettable area including 3000 sq m office space.

The building is managed and controlled by an intelligent management system. Temperature provided by the heating and cooling suspended ceiling can be adjusted to Tenants’ needs throughout the office premises. Tenants’ security and safety within the building is guaranteed by a magnetic card access system, the central heat and smoke detectors and a CCTV system. The 24-hour reception operating 365 days a year further serves the comfort provided by the office building. Tenants and visitors can use the underground garage of Kempinksi Hotel Corvinus for parking purposes.


The building was originally constructed in 1903 with predominantly baroque architecture in a historicist style. Immobilia Zrt. started renovation of the former residential structure in August 2003. Since the completion in fall 2004, the building bears the name Deák Palota.

For the 10th anniversary of the renovation, and 110th of the construction, Immobilia Zrt. repeatedly renovated and modernised the building.

Floorplan / Building / Design

The design process was fundamentally defined by the playful approach to illumination. Therefore one of the first tasks of the renovation was to define and establish the right light conditions of the closed courtyard. Sunlight is directed into the inner spaces with a massive, tilted glass surface element on top of the building, thus transforming the courtyard into a glass covered, grand indoor space. The architectural name for this special space is the lightwell. In the courtyard overlooking the atrium, inward facing glass walls let the natural light pass. The elevator shafts of the two panorama lifts, capable of transporting 8 persons each, are also constructed of transparent materials. Thanks to the elegant white walls of the building, the office space is illuminated by natural light.

Inward wall surfaces and edges of the atrium, as well as the stuccos – which are restored to their original state and add a really unique interior decoration effect- are showered with special directional light sources. All this is intensified by compositions of modern, Ron Arad Victoria&Albert furniture, covered in red upholstery, placed at the ground level of the atrium.

In this impressive ambience, 4800 square metres is available for tenant, from which as much as 3600 square metres can be utilized as office space. A significant part of the ground floor is occupied by two imposing retail spaces with a floor to ceiling height of 6,5 metres.

Considering the above, it should not come as a surprise, that the Deák Palota has been awarded by FIABCI in 2005, and received a Pro Architectura award in 2008. The Deák Palota also became a part in the portfolio of the renowned architect, Eric van Egeraat.

The first floor currently accommodates a restaurant and café. The remaining six floors of the building function as office spaces. Despite the elevated floors and the high quality suspended ceilings, the headroom is unusually spacious, providing an exceptionally elegant ambience to everyone working in one of these spaces.

From the panorama roof terrace, located within the Roof Garden, spectacular views open up to numerous sights of Budapest.

The entire engineering and plumbing of the office block is monitored and controlled by an intelligent building management system (EIB, DDC). The temperature provided by the suspended ceiling, which is capable of cooling and heating as well, can be controlled by the tenant in each room separately according to the individual needs.

To warrant safe operations, the building is equipped with a magnetic card based access control system, central movement, heat, and smoke detectors, as well as a closed circuit surveillance system. The exceptionally discreet, concierge type doorman system operates 24/7. Parking opportunities for the tenants are available in the sub-surface parking garage of our opposing neighbour, the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, with street level pedestrian exits onto Deák Ferenc str.

Fashion Street Gallery

Fashion Street has been always devoted to culture and heritage; from preserving the great architectural gems of Budapest to holding art events, workshops and other cultural venues collaborating with aspiring artists and other galleries. From 2019 Fashion Street started an exciting new venture: opened its own gallery in the prominent Deák Palace to hold cultural events.

Fashion Street Magazin SS24 Launch

B_A_F art competition

Orsoya Darchi press brunch

STANC – book presentation, award ceremony and exhibition opening

Hullan Bea and Shane 54 joint exhibition

Take a moment: charity exhibition for the benefit of Csodalampa Foundation

BCEFW AW 22/23 Exhibition

Songs of Innocence and Exprerience – Wanda Martin’s Exhibiton Opening

ArtHungry: TypoHungry – Typography in Hungary at the 21th century book presentation and exhibition opening

Levente Molnár – Metamorphosis

Adri Örkényi: Flashes

Adri Örkényi graduated in Humanities and Political Science, but she got a camera. And a panic disorder. One is gone, the other has resulted in this exhibition. Like in her previous work, dancers portray her deepest, most intimate processes. She takes nudes of the soul without any nudity in her photos. Adri Orkenyi is on a journey. When she makes a stop, she has an exhibition so that others can also see where she is. She is not ashamed of these snapshots; she is proud, because each stop is a stage in the life of a girl – a woman. As influenced by non-existent chance encounters.

Women / Art / Fashion

Under the auspices of the thrilling Budapest Central European Fashion Week, Ar2day Gallery and Fashion Street Gallery opened its most recent exhibition titled Women/Art/Fashion. The exclusive vernissage was held in Deák Palace and was a hub of everything that Fashion Street represents: an evening dedicated to fashion, culture, important social issues and stylish highlife.

Bea Hullan: Girly

Characteristic female portraits of painter Bea Hullan are glancing at us vividly from the canvas. They are cheerful, flirtatious, daydreamers and thinkers…women who have a message for us. Bea Hullan is a painter of extremes; she gets inspired at extreme states of mind and creates grandiose portraits of women. Various archetypes of the woman, as well as feelings, thoughts and stories are displayed in her works. Intense color use, strong lines and strong soul portrayals of suggestive female figures appear in the paintings.

Earth / Art / Fashion

Earth, art, fashion – these were the keywords of an outdoor pop-up art performance that called attention to the importance of diversity and of environmental awareness on Fashion Street. Not only Hello Wood’s recycled wooden design-frames and Peter Szűcs’s pictures became united at the opening of the joint event of Fashion Street Budapest, and Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest, but also a tree was assigned to each story, thanks to Főkert (the Budapest Metropolitan Horticulture Ltd.). Anyone can adopt these trees by purchasing pictures, and the revenue will be spent on further tree planting actions. After the opening ceremony and the pop-up art performance, the pictures were exhibited at Deák Palace.

Peter Szűcs : Peruvian Portraits

The portraits of Quechua natives living in isolated communities were taken by Péter Szűcs, founder of travel magazine. A special feature of the exhibition is that it’s the artist’s first exhibition that showcases pictures taken by mobile phone.

Tales / Art Fashion Auction

Artist and art lovers came together on Fashion Street at a magical night where charity and arts played the main role. As a finissage of our Tales / Art / Fashion program, we have organised a charity art auction. In the event, moderated by litterateur Anna Juhász, the audience could bid on contemporary artworks for a deliberately lower price to support the charity Csodalámpa Foundation.

Tales / Art / Fashion project

Over the course of a four month Tales / Art / Fashion project, the organisers called upon artists working in four different fields: painting, photography, graphic design and sculpture. Those working in these mediums were able to apply to take part, with the opportunity to each win an exhibition in the majestic Deák Palace. The five judges were all connected to the art world in some way and was made up of Dr. László Balázs, CEO of Immobilia Zrt; Gréta Garami, art collector; Mária Skonda, art historian; Miklós Völgyi, writer and art collector; the owner of Völgyi-Skonda Contemporary Art Collection and the editor-in-chief of this magazine – Zsófia Tillinger. Furthermore each month a prominent representative and expert of the given artistic field was asked to step into the role of guest judge, and so we welcomed the Munkácsi Mihály-award winner sculptor Imre Pistyur; graphic designer José Tábori-Simon; fashion photographer Oleg Borisuk, and visual artist Péter Mátyási into the team.

Gergo Ammer’s sculpture exhibition

Gergő Ámmer’s sculptures introduces us to unusual art universe. The young sculptor was raised on the classics – yet his grotesque portraits and carefully sculpted works guide us to either a medieval danse macabre, a reinterpreted ancient myth or even a grimacing mental institute.

Istvan Csorba-Simon graphic art exhibition

István Csorba-Simon is a third year student at the Hungarian University of fine arts, where he majors in drawing as a graphic art. His works are drawn with ink pens. They are detailed, rich works in which members of the art world surround him, as well as featuring appearances from his friends. The central figure of his depictions is a young artist either working, thinking or resting.

Denes Darab’s photography exhibition

Dénes Darab, a young photographer and dancer with the Hungarian National Ballet, recently participated in the exhibition at Deák Palace working with two themes. In his work, the successes of modern architectural engineering appear – towering office buildings with surreal flowing-streaming spots reflected on their colourful surface. He also works with the female body in his work, for which dancers are his models.

Kata Bereczki’s painting exhibition

Kata Bereczki’s intense colours and shapes, reduced to silhouettes – not unlike the stories told by old family photo albums. Her frozen moments outline an extensive series of events, perhaps even a life story from birth to death, but it is not necessarily her own life that she depicts, indeed it could be anyone’s.


Part of Deák Palota is a distinguished conference hall, which provides an excellent venue for business events. This service can optionally be supplemented with catering services, provided by the in-house restaurant.

The retail space available for lease, meanwhile combines the traditional atmosphere of the inner city with modernity and elegance in a unique way. Floor to ceiling height of the inner spaces is close to six metres, while the portals of the facade reach a width of eighteen metres. The custom fitted wood coverings of the front portals work well together with the rest of the facade and lend an exclusive appearance to the retail spaces.


• glass wall atrium
• two panoramic elevators with the capacity of 8 persons each
• roof terrace with panorama
• completely refurbished XIX. century landmark building


• raised floor
• heating and cooling suspended ceiling system
• 600 lux lightning fixture
• modular carpeting
• CCTV cameras
• magnetic-card access system
• openable windows
• flexible partitions (open plan/cellular layout)
• intelligent building management system (EIB, DDC)


• 24-hours security and reception service
• uninterrupted power supply is available (UPS)
• Restaurant and Café on the 1st floor
• fully equipped conference room with movable walls accommodating up to 80 people
• central cable TV
• disabled facilities
• roof terrace with panorama
• separate server rooms are available on each floor
• archive room, storage
• parking availability in Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest (20 m from the entrance)

The office spaces are located on six floors and the Roof Garden, altogether covering an area of 3200 square metres. Due to the architectural makings of the building, two approximately 300 square metre office units can be configured on each floor.

Download brochure from here.

Conference rooms

Great hall
The technical parameters of the 72 square metre conference room, located on the first floor and capable of accommodating 80 guests, exquisitely serve all modern requirements, thus offering a perfect choice for a broad spectrum of events. For different events, meetings, press conferences or video conferences, flipcharts, video projectors, laptops and internet connectivity, microphones/micro ports, DVD players and RF audio systems are available.

Small rooms
The great hall can be divided into two smaller spaces, which can accommodate 30-40 guests, depending on the desired layout and furnishing.


As part of the renovation, the hanging corridors of the old residential building have been fitted with glass covering on the interior side. The resulting glass walled atrium delivers natural illumination to the core of the building. The area enclosed by the two glass elevators is lends itself perfectly for exhibitions, receptions and product demonstrations.

D15 Restaurant, catering

Besides being a favourite lunch option of our tenants and workers nearby, the restaurant located on the first floor also provides high quality catering services for events organised in the Deák Palota. Guest arriving after 11:30 on weekdays can always find a dish to their liking, may it represent Hungarian, international or vegetarian cuisine. The salad bar meanwhile offers continuously fresh, mixed green salads to our guests. Opening hours: 11 AM – 2 PM

Panorama Roof Terrace

The Roof Garden on the seventh floor provides a pleasant environment between meetings, and during corporate or private events. From early spring to late autumn, shade sails and a wonderful view await those looking for relaxation. In case of events, catering services are provided by the in-house restaurant and café.


Our office spaces provide a sum of 3200 square meters, over six floors. The building can accommodate a maximum of two offices on each floor.  The interior layout of these is flexible, and can be constructed according to a design focused on the needs and requirements of the tenant. The modern interior and the turn of the century mood of the stairway create an exciting blend. The second floor offices also include a row of balconies.


Tamara Szántó
Partner, Head of Office Agency
Office: +36 (1) 268 1288


János Szeifert
Head of Property Management
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Exhibitions, art gallery
Zsófia Erdélyi
marketing manager

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